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Our company offers a super large format laminating and clear coating services.
  • Lamination of the product (posters, maps, large prints, photographs) with transparent film that protects it from moisture, chemical elements and UV radiation exposure, as well as providing mechanical strength. Glossy laminate forgive Printer brightness, the color becomes saturated. The work should be placed in places where direct lighting, because laminate reflect incident light. UV laminate protects the product from the direct rays of the sun, protects the colors (especially blue and red) from burning out. Successful in selecting a particular job more suitable laminating film and the type of work can make beautiful, expressive and well extend its useful life.

    Maximum lamination width is 1.60 m.. Maximum length is unlimited.
  • Clear coating is carried out with liquid varnish and by hands, so the minimum and maximum are unlimited.
    Lcear coating is a surface protection with chemical optically transparent layer. This method is usually used for digitally printed adhesive and abrasive UV protection.

Material description

Price, EURO / m2

1 m2 laminate (glossy or matte), durability until 1-3 years


1 m2 laminate (glossy), durability until 5-7 years


1 m2 laminate (floor graphics), economic


1 m2 laminating with mounting tape


1 m2 clear coating (one-component varnish)


Minimum order price is 20 EURO.
For large orders prices are calculated separately. All manufacturing dates are agreed separately.
Prices shown without VAT and computer services.

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