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How does your business smell?

Keeping and attracting clients nowadays has become more and more difficult. The visual and audial effects that the consumer receives from the advertisements is so intense that most of the time they dont achieve the wanted results.

Smell is a new level in client - seller communication that is used in the marker very rarely only because the lack of informaton on the subject.

Goals of aroma marketing:

- Accent your individual style, image or the stasuss of your business;
- Create a festive atmosphere (turn off the "evryday" shopping);
- Increase sales;
- Improve the clients feeling about the product or service;
- Accent the products of a specific segment;
- Stimulate impulsive purchases;
- Encourage repetitive purchases;
- Motivate your staff, it's performance, attention and concentration;
- Neutralize unwanted odors;

Examples and locations of aroma marketing usage:

- offices;
- gas stations and autoshops;
- hotels;
- sport un fitness centres;
- shops (shoe, gift, clothes, furniture, book);
- clubs, cinemas, museum, art galleries;
- restaurantsi, cafes;
- banks;
- medical facilities.

We offer aroma solutions for spaces from 10 m2 to 300 m2.
We use exclusive aromas that are certified and don't cause any allergic reactions. All aromas are ecologically safe and meet all the hygiene requirements.

We offer approx. 80 different aromas:
leather, coffee, new cars smell, bread, Christmas, mown lawn, tea and many more.

Cost example:
- aroma dispenser: 57 EUR (starting price)
- aroma cartridge: 12-22 EUR
The consumption depends on your chosen settings. For example: if used only during work days from 9:00 - 18:00 with an 12 min. interval one cartridge can go for up to 105 days! Thats 0,76 EUR per day.

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