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Visual advertisement company "3 PUNKTI" was founded in 1993.
All our professionals have extensive knowledge and experience in the field of visual advertising, which acquired the assets and purposefully acting in television advertising market by participating in exhibitions abroad and intership.

"3 PUNKTI" works in the field of visual advertisement, and in the last couple of years, has taken persistent line of visual communications market in Latvia.
With a view to strengthen its position in local advertising market, "3 PUNKTI" worked hard to offer you the most advanced solutions and services. Special efforts are made so the final result would be of good quality, time and the perfect design. We use professional software and advanced technologies in this field and we work with firms from the U.S., England, Germany, Japan and Switzerland.

In todays changing situation, we change our self from visual advertisement company, and position our self as full advertisement company, offering customers a range of new, unusual services, for example advertisement on mobile trailers (mobile Billboards)  and advertisement on taxis (TAXI advertisement). Of course, we don`t forget to expand the production capacity and develop new products and services.

If you are interested in our products or services - please come, call us!
Your hopes and wishes will be heard and professionally realized into life!

Use our skills, experience and desire to help you!

We wish success to you and your company and look forward to a successful cooperation!


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