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Our company offers plotter services. The maximum width of cutting area is 152 cm. and maximum length of 50 meters.

Price, EURO / m2

1 m2 adhesive plotter cutting


1 m2 adhesive treatment


1 m2 adhesive coating with transport films


1 m2 adhesive plotter along contours (optical rotation) - cf.below


1 m2 of finished labels (economic Adhesive film, 1-2 years of resistance)


1 m2 of finished labels (Adhesive film for cars, 3-5 years of resistance)








Minimum order price must be 20 EURO.

Price for plotter shown without material costs and can vary depending on complexity and material characteristics (eg turning the reflector adhesive). 
For large orders prices are calculated separately. All manufacturing dates are agreed separately.

Prices shown without VAT and computer services.

Optical, or cutting along contour - are increasingly being used in a variety of complexity and number of copies sold stickers. Ask us about file preparation conditions for such works. 



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